Children of military members are no strangers to frequent moves and starting fresh in a new school.  But, how do you determine what school your child will attend?  If you’re relocating to a military base in a rural area there may limited options on schools choices.  However, that is not the case when PCS’ing to Buckley AFB which is located on the edge of a large metropolitan area.  There is an abundance of schools to choose from and it is often dependent on where you decide to live along with the type of school and its availability.  

One option to help narrow down schools is to go on social media sites for your new location and start asking questions.  That could help you determine some schools in the area but I often see everyone saying how great their school is.  Is that really a trustworthy opinion?  After all, who wants to say their child goes to a crappy school?  With that being said we have some great sites below will help you evaluate the local school and help you make an educated decision. 

If you are planning on living on base, the choice will made for you and your job is over unless you plan to have your child attend a private school.  Buckley AFB does not have schools on base however those living on base normally attend the local Aurora Public School District.  If you plan on residing off base then you have some research to do.  Most of our clients will combine school shopping with home shopping since there can be a considerable difference in home values based on location and school districts.  

Since most schools require a firm address before submitting an application you may want to consider beginning the school and home hunt as soon as you receive orders.  The sooner you plan the better off you will be.  Narrowing down school choices will help you in determining where you may want to live.   We also strongly recommend contacting us to get the process started to determine your wants and needs and to start your customized home search portal.  We can even narrow down the homes you receive based solely on school districts.  This help you keep focused and eliminated the clutter of homes that would not fit your situation.  You will also want to get the mortgage pre-qualification started.  We have great VA Loan lender recommendations to help this process go even smoother.     

Now that you have your game plan, let’s get started on school shopping.  The links below   will open a new window so you can keep this open as you navigate the many links.  If you find a school district you like, we do have PDF maps available for most school districts we are will happily send you upon request.       


Best High Schools in the Denver Area –

Best Middle Schools in the Denver Area –

Best Elementary Schools in the Denver Area –

Best School Districts in the Denver Area –

Colorado School District Rankings – School Digger

Colorado Department of Education Statistics

Local School Districts

Aurora Public Schools                   Cherry Creek School District             Denver Public Schools 

Douglas County Schools                Jefferson County Schools                 Adams County 12 Schools

Adams County 14 Schools             Elizabeth School District                   Brighton Public Schools

Boulder Valley School District         Littleton Public Schools                   Englewood Public Schools 

Bennett Public Schools                  Westminster Public Schools              Sheridan Public Schools

Mapleton Public Schools